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Some of you might ask what is a Fairey boat and who are Fairey Marine Ltd, Fairey Marine Ltd was created in the late 1940's by the love of yachting of Sir Richard Fairey and Fairey Aviation's Managing Director, Mr. Chichester-Smith. Both were avid sailing enthusiasts along with Chichester-Smith's good friend and former Olympic yachtsman, Charles Currey. Sir Richard and Mr. Chichester-Smith both decided that they should produce sailing dinghies and so recruited Charles Currey to help run the company when he came out of the Navy.

The world air speed record holding Peter Twiss joined Fairey Marine Ltd from Fairey Aviation in 1960 and was responsible for development and sales of day-cruisers. In 1969, commanding the Huntsman 707 Fordsport, he took part in the Round Britain Powerboat Race, and included among his crew members, Rally champion Roger Clark.

Boats were primarily designed by the late Alan Burnard.

The most common Fairey Marine Motor Cruisers are detailed as below:

  • Fairey Huntress
  • Fairey Huntsman 28
  • Fairey Huntsman 31
  • Fairey Fantome
  • Fairey Swordsman
  • Fairey Spearfish and Spear

Other craft produced by Fairey Marine included Dell Quay Rangers and Christinas